Why Kerala is an Inevitable part of the logistics industry of India.

1. Introducing Kerala and its history with trade

Kerala is one of the most beautiful and scenic states in India. It is also renowned for its rich cultural heritage and traditions. The people of Kerala are known for their hospitable nature and warmth. Kerala played a significant role in the history of international trade, being an important hub for the trading of spices for over 5000 years. Early Romans mentioned Muziris (Thrissur), Tyndis (Kozhikode), Naura (Kannur), Berkarai (Thiruvananthapuram), and Nelcynda (Pathanamthitta) as some of the leading trading port cities of the Chera kingdom. Kerala has had longstanding associations with the Arabs, Sumerians, Babylonians, Phoenicians, Greeks, and Egyptians in addition to the Romans and Chinese. Through Kerala's commercial activities, it also encountered multiple major world religions like Islam which was introduced by Malik Dinar in 624 AD; Christianity through St Thomas’s arrival of 52 AD; and Judaism as early as 562 BC - all originating from Kerala before diffusing outwards into the Indian subcontinent.

As Europe emerged from the Dark Ages, Kerala also welcomed them for trade, which then led to conflicts in the region. Kerala was the first to welcome Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama in 1498 at Kozhikode. The Portuguese controlled Kerala's trade until the Dutch took over. Then, new European powers like the French and British arrived in Kerala and began rewriting the country's history.

2. Why Kerala is an Inevitable part of the logistics industry of India

Kerala's long coastline and numerous harbors render it a sheer haven for the logistics sector. Furthermore, its vast network of roads and railways interconnecting to the Indian mainland make Kerala an ideal site for efficient distribution systems. Being one of India’s most important consumer states, Kerala is in dire need of exceptional logistic infrastructure which will aid in meeting all requirements on time & within budget. The state also stands as a major contributor towards national production with Pepper (97%), Rubber (85%) & Cardamom (58%); along with coconut, tea coffee & cashew being among other chief resources grown here!

Kerala is also home to the fourth biggest refinery in Kochi and imports exquisite traditional handloom and handicrafts. This Indian state has worldwide fame for its delightful fish delicacies such as Pearl spot, Oysters, and Shrimps that are shipped from there to luxurious markets across the globe. Moreover, numerous Kerala natives have settled abroad - with higher figures found in Middle-East countries, Europe, North America, and Oceania - therefore leading to hefty remittances which constitute an important part of this region's economy!

The state is also home to the country's largest shipbuilding facility, Cochin Shipyard Ltd, which produced India's first indigenous aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant, and it began attracting international attention after securing orders from Europe and the Middle East.

3. The bright future of Kerala's logistics industry

Kerala's government is currently investing heavily in tourism, hospitality, and medical services. As a result, a large number of foreign visitors contribute to the economy and raise consumer goods and services demand. Furthermore, the state has relaxed many legal restrictions in industries such as Construction, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Warehouses, and it is promoting green energy and sustainable development in the future. Cochin airport, the world's first airport fully powered by solar energy, is one of the examples of the state's eager emphasis on green energy. Projects like Kochi Metro have grown since their inception, and a water metro now serves the area. Kerala is also building a national waterway.

By 2023, Kerala will have two major modern seaports, one of which will be Vizhinjam International Seaport in Thiruvananthapuram. This will increase the demand for new logistics implementation in the region and serve as a trans-shipment hub and an alternative to Sri Lanka's Colombo port. To meet the region's future demands, companies like Edayar Zinc, Geekom Logistech, and DHL are currently developing the state's largest logistics parks.

Based on the rise in e-commerce and manufacturing transaction volumes, international property consultancy Knight Frank India concluded that Kochi has a significant potential to develop itself as a warehousing market. In addition, rental levels have stabilized significantly over the past few years. in well-known areas for warehouses such as North Paravur, Ernakulam, Kalamassery, Varapuzha, Koonammave, Eloor, Vytilla, Edappally, Perumbavoor, and so forth. According to DP World Cochin's CEO, we are also experiencing the highest volume of vessel productivity since its inception. All of these work together to give the State the success it deserves in the future.

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